4 Norfolk Broads left Platform 9 at Thorpe Station to head for London...

to see WAITRESS along with 200 red hatters enjoying the same show... was lovely to meet up with other Chapters and chat and laugh.













On the train when the prosseco and smoked salmon and cream cheese thins appeared....a nice way to start the day!


















Arriving at Liverpool Street 11am and on to Spitalfields for a bit of retail therapy ...















Next venue Covent Gardens saw a Pub-calling our names out...rude not to have answered ...a lovely London pub where we were made to feel very welcome.












Then a short walk to saver the atmosphere of Covent Garden and then to the Aldelphi Theatre. Great show and great acting and so lovely to see 200 red hatters clapping and cheering. Time to go home...But just one more stop.....a welcome meal glass of wine and catching the 8.30pm train back to Norwich.




Jude sharing her Hat with Pat!

That's the third time - is she EVER gonna get that flash right?!!

How much is that Hatter in the window??? (Of a pub, natch!)

A bit of Hungarian gypsy music while mooching round the stalls

AttenSHUN! Soldiering on in Covent Garden