Wishing a Wonderful stay to these feisty broads that I met in Avignon yesterday! Maybe I’ll have to start a French chapter of your Red Hat Society ....


Yours (in pink!),



All the way to




and bump into an ex Norfolk broad

Medieval Procession

...enjoying the carousel...

Medieval Fayre in Avignon

We swooned at his music!

Medieval Fayre in the cloister...

quite a bit of jewellery bought

between us all.


out come the map

The Last Supper!

Hope you find your way home girls from what looks like a fabulous few days away - Sweden next year????

Waiting for a friend?

Nice place

for lunch

Oe-er - are we off to the


Last of the vin rose on the way home. Here’s to the next time!

Meet “Toulouse”

The street cat of


Now that’s what we

call a station!

...and a few more shots in and around Avignon!!!