(it says)...Caught

Red Hatted!!

We meet up with firemen on an exercise.  

Question was - “How long is your hose”?

A very informative walk starting at Novi Sad bridge...our own blue badge guide ...Queen Jude.


Girls from our own chapter were joined with Hatters from Gorleston-on-Sea and Colchester...for Steph it had a taste of nostalgia with her meeting up again with Karen from Colchester...these two sat together all those years back in class...at The Stuart school.


The girls left on time and stopped on route for a Coffee break...but Wine for some!!  They continued along the river stopping at quite of lot of history and informative talks by our own Queen Jude.


Was lovely to see the three chapters chatting and laughing....JUST WHAT RED HATS DO BEST.  The walk was finished with a lunch and the last leaving at 5pm...An enjoyable day with plenty of friendship.