Well let’s start with the jigsaw!!!


I have been reliably informed that it is now “framed” and hangs in pride of place.


It was a very difficult project to complete.....although the owners words were put slightly stronger!!!

There were 12 of us including a brand new hatter – brilliant!!!


We welcomed 5 new ladies to our meeting which was great.


Present:  Olwyn, Felicity, Joy, Hazel, Anne, Karen, Pat, Janet, Vivien, Margaret, Ida & Jude.


Olwyn: Had read 2 titles recommended at the last meeting, Murder at Redmire Hall by Joy Ellis and The Dinner by M.Koch.   Had also read London Cameos by H.H. Blake, a record of curious items in London.


Vivien:  One Day By David Nicholls, A Load of Old Bones by Suzette Hill, 1664, The Sweet Smell of Decay by Paul Lawrence, an Agatha Raison novel by M.C. Beaton & The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.   She also recommended an author, Kelley Armstrong.

Janet:   Had discovered the thrillers written by Martina Cole, she had read The Lady Killer and was looking for Good Night Lady.  She was also planning to rediscover Charles Dickens,


Pat:  Had read The Radleys by Matt Haigh ,Dinner for 2 by Mike Gayle, The Past by Tessa Hadley, Wash this Blood Clean from my Hand by Fred Vargas and Can You ever Forgive Me by Lee Israel, the film of which she also recommended.  


Jude:  Tombland by C.J. Sansom, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards, The Slaughterman by Tony Parsons and the Quickie by James Patterson.


Karen:  Began by expressing sadness at the death of the author Andrea Levy.   She recommended a new author Sara Hilary.   She had read See You by Clare Macintosh, Night School by Lee Child, The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva and a novel by the TV personality Graham Norton the title of which I didn’t quite catch, something like “Holding”?


Anne:  Had a read a book about Naples but she couldn’t remember the title or the author’s name although she enjoyed it very much.


Hazel:  Had read a privately printed and potentially libellous book about Simon Cowell which she didn’t really recommend and also mentioned the author Kate Morton.


Joy:  Had read This is How it Always is by Laure Frankel and The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory.   She confessed that, unlike many of us, she doesn’t really do thrillers.


Felicity:  Food in England by Dorothy Hartley (obviously non fiction0, Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan, Munich by Robert Harris and The Shot by Philip Kerr.


Ida:  Dead Wrong by Helen H Darrond, The Strange Journey of Alice Pendlebury by Marc Levy and The Murderer’s Son by Joy Ellis.


Margaret:  Had done another Jigsaw!


Apologies if I have got authors or titles misspelt or just plain wrong , it wasn’t always easy to hear  but I think I got most of our choices recorded.   There wasn’t time for much discussion on films or TV  programmes but it was clear The Favourite had divided opinions.