14 NBs gathered at Britannia Pier, ready to take to the beach for our annual seaside revels.

Just about says it all!

We're forever blowing - you know what. And, yes we did sing the song!

.....off for a paddle - however far away is that sea!!

When she said “bubbles”, thought she meant the fizzy kind!

Stop me and buy one - keep pushing, girls!

Fish & Chips - Could it be anything else!

...and no NB beach party would be complete without calling in to Wevvies before boarding the bus home after sea,sand,song - and all the usual fun along the way!

A bit of “keepy uppy” to

burn off that lunch.!

Today's loot from Martins

Back down Regent Road -

and look what this Elvis fan has found!

That's better -

here's to the next time!