Apologies Olwyn Venn





Books Read and Recommended.





Dead Silent, Dead Lost and Dead Nasty by Helen Durrant.    These are a series of murder mystery stories featuring the ongoing stories of 2 detectives and a cliffhanger finish to each instalment.


The Body in the Dales, a mystery featuring a body found in a Yorkshire cave and the Quartet Murders about the shooting of a violinist by J.R. Ellis


Stockings and Cellulite and What Holly’s Husband Did by Debbie Vigano.   The first heroine finds her husband misbehaving on her 39th birthday and the second discovers her husband to be secretly gay, romcoms but with a 21st century social twist.   





Had reread Labyrinth by Kate Mosse in the light of a recent trip to Carcassonne and found it did add another dimension to the story.   


The Midnight Line by Lee Child, the latest Reacher in paperback and well up to standard.   


The Secret Barrister, a best seller about the workings of the English legal system by an anonymous blogger.   


Legacy by Yrsa Sigurdadottir, an Icelandic thriller by a best selling author featuring an unusually gruesome murder method and a clever twisting story.


Recommended Period Piece by Gwen Raverat, a memoir of a Victorian Cambridge childhood which might suggest to Mari’s daughter that the Victorians weren’t always boring.




Richard III by Paul Murray Kendall, now about 60 years old but still an excellent biography.


The Best of Friends Joanna Trollope, as always a good read.