.....sitting in the sunshine at the Waveney House Hotel by the river.


This is where the marking was done for the Treasure Hunt (there was one “Teacher’s Pet” who wanted extra marks for writing long answers to the questions! (The one with the biro!)



Super day in Beccles.  

Pat organised a great Treasure Hunt (with built-in pitstops at the charity shops – clever girl) and Marie got a gold star!  The weather was lovely and you’ll be amazed to learn that we all recovered from our intellectual studies (!!!) by relaxing in the sunshine by the river with a well-earned lunch and – er – the odd drop of vino.

Look out for more of these super “Huntawaydays” – brilliant fun.




Ready for the off and checking out our question sheets.

Pat tries to hug her new boyfriend through the glass window.

Sorry, girls - he doesn't have any brothers!!

Our beautiful Norfolk Broads