Lyn needs a Sack Barrow to take her bargains home??

I’ll just settle for the flowers!!

Well it did feel a bit like a “Summer Holiday” - perfect weather, perfect setting, perfect Hostess, perfect Red Hat company, and Waffles to die for!!!!


Twelve Red Hatters arrived with bags....and left with bags ......having sold some of their own items and bought ‘new’ ones from other members.  


In between ‘shopping’ and trying on hats and clothes Hatters drank coffee or cold drinks served with waffles filled with cherries - ice cream and cream.   It was advised that they try on clothes before eating their waffle!


After shopping members settled into their seats for some serious chatter - never a problem for true Red Hatters - and enjoyed the afternoon.   


Bling and Buy days are very useful and very sociable.  Everyone is welcome even - if you have nothing to sell.    No plans yet for the next one but watch the calendar ......


Yet another lovely, lovely Red Hat day!