A great day out.


The Norfolk Broads met the

Sluice Women at 11am in brilliant sunshine.

A short Walk to the Cathedral Hostery where we purchased coffee and cake and had a quick chat.

Queen Jude then went into blue badge guide mood.


Our first visit was to Nurse Edith Cavell grave.


We continued to the see The Bishop of Norwich resident.....and Jude told us all about the history of this marvellous looking building.   Think a few of decided that we would like to live there.


We continued around the out skirts of the Cathedral and heard some really horror stories....How one man boiled his wife remains up in a pot and distributed her body where ever he could... This for him was easier than getting rid of a whole body...... So many horror stories were told that day.


A lovely leisurely walk and an a very informative guide.... Let’s hope no one had nightmares that night.


And in true "Hatter" style .....we finished up with a pub lunch and bottle or two... with fun and laughter  with the two Red Hat chapters enjoying each other's company.

Hope to see you again real soon our Sluice Sisters