Well that’s for sure!  


...these Taverham Coffee Mornings are certainly friendly and more than unusual than most coffee mornings!...come and join us in the hilarity...

After a couple of serious discussions which included medical complaints and "Hats" calendar... the rest of the morning was talking about tight corsets and muffin tops!!!!!!!!!!!  


How lovely to get home and take your bra off and put on your PJ's what ever the time of day!!!   


....AND after the last Natterfest a nameless or should that be shameless Member went home to bed and at 10 o’clock her doorbell rang and she went to answer the door naked and quickly picked up her purple wrap and wrapped it around herself so as not to cause any problems for herself and her visitor.....There stood a policeman!  So once again such fun and laughter. Not as many today due to holidays and much earned retail therapy.