This is what I call Red Hat dedication!!!

One of our Hatters flew off to South America & reported in from Nicaragua with her reading list!


Amanda Robson - Obsession

Shari Lapina - The couple next door

Stephen Clarke - The Merde Factor

Barbara Trapido - Juggling

Robert Hancock - Ruth Ellis

Emma Donoghue - Room

Glenn Dixon - Juliet’s Answer

The rest of us did our reading in Norwich!


Patricia Gibney - The Missing Ones

Alex Walters - Candles & Roses

Chris Brookmyre - Black Widow

Dean Koontz - Lightning

LJ Ross - Sycamore Gap

Dan Jones - The Templars


Attached is what I have read so far . At present I am in Nicaragua.


Good wishes to the girls in Book Club. Hope to see you all at the Christmas Lunch .


Photo..... Couldn't find a red hat ....


Kind Regards Pat x


1. Obsession - By Amanda Robson


A contemporary thriller. The story revolves around a throwaway comment a wife makes to her husband, " If you didn't have me who would you fancy ? " The result is catastrophic. Never ask that type of question unless you can deal with the answer . A whirlwind of problems emerge . A page turner and an easy read . Possibly something to have to dip into over the Christmas period when you want to escape ...!!!!


2. The Couple Next Door - By Shari Lapina


Another thriller . A couple's baby goes missing . As the days progress and the child is still not found the father is held under suspicion by the police . Another page turner but I think a bit obvious towards the end . Still worth a read if you want something which keeps you on edge and doesn't require you to dig deep into your analytical skills !!! We all need books like this now and then . Again handy to have on standby for Christmas. Reckon you could imbibe , be reasonably festive with others and still keep with the plot !!!!


3. The Merde Factor - By Stephen Clarke


This is a very funny book !! I want to read more by this author . He is witty , shrewd and  irreverent !!! Lovely ........!!!!!!! A light read  , a novel set in Paris . Paul has opened a Tea Shop and his having problems with his business partner . Money is tight . His best friend Jake , a budding poet  , has lent him his apartment  . The problem is it is so small he has to ask the Boulanger to cut his baguette in half so that he can get it into the kitchen !!!!!


4. Juggling - By Barbara Trapido


Published in 1994 , written by a South African writer . The story centres on two sisters , one of whom is adopted . Various characters are introduced along the way but the novel is really about the relationship between the two girls .The author draws similarities  between her characters and those in a variety of Shakespeare's plays .I think she is particularly good at describing the psychological journey of adolescence to adulthood . Quite a good read but the last couple of chapters were disappointing with a very contrived ending . It was as if the author got to a point where she needed to tie ends up and has most characters switching partners and sexual orientation in an attempt to reach a climax ( oops !!!!! )


4. Ruth Ellis - By Robert Hancock


The last woman to be hanged in Britain in 1955  .

An interesting read . A biography by a journalist writing after the trial . While not particularly well written  and with typos  galore , it was a good story. Ellis was a complex woman and in many respects a sorry character . She was attracted to a variety of unsuitable men and had a major problem the with her own self esteem. Intense jealousy was a major factor in the demise of her relationships. Hancock gives excerpts from the trial and argues that she was badly represented and did little to help herself during the trial . I googled some of the people involved with her and many had a sad end . If she was tried today obviously she would not face capital punishment but she would have been tried for manslaughter and not murder . Well worth a read .


5. Room - By Emma Donoghue


I haven't seen the film and have been meaning to read this for a while . Original , quite haunting and unfortunately there have been a number of cases recently like this. It tells the story of a young woman kidnapped , raped and incarcerated for 7 years . During this time she gives birth to a son . The novel describes how they lived in a tiny room and how they eventually escape . Just as moving is their re- integration into society . Much of the story is told through the eyes of the little boy , Jack .

Definitely worth a read .


6. Juliet's Answer - By Glenn Dixon


A memoir written by a  Canadian ex English teacher. He describes his visit to Verona which he links with his love of Shakespeare, particularly Romeo and Juliet. His own love life has been lack lustre and so he volunteers to work at the Guiletta Club . This is a group of volunteers who answer letters written to Juliet and posted in the the red letterbox next to her statue in Verona .Letters come from all over the world requesting answers to questions about love .

Interesting , as he uses extracts from the play to answer letters .He  even writes to Juliet himself ! Needless to say he finds love in the end !



Penny Vincenzi - Into Temptation (3rd in Lytton series)

Susan Lewis - Losing You

Ruth Rendell - Road Rage

Charlotte Bingham - Nanny

Nicci French - Memory Game

Fiona Barton - The Widow

Catharina Ingelman- Sundberg - The Little Old Lady who Struck Lucky Again

Ian Rankin - A Question of Blood

Joy Ellis - Fen crime books

Allison Pearson - How Hard can it be?