This was the first meeting of the Book Group for 2017 and we had a great discussion on how we were taught history at school.  Some had great teachers who made it seem like fascinating stories and others had awful teachers who just made pupils copy from the blackboard - how sad. One hatter recommended H E Marshall’s “Our Island Story” which inspired her at school.


(NB there are copies on Amazon for 1p plus delivery, so buy it for your grandchildren!)


Our books we read:


Winston Graham - Poldark series

Homer’s -The Iliad

Tore Jansen - A natural history of Latin (she was helping a scholar with the classics!)

Terry Pratchett - Good omens

Freya North - Turning point

L J Ross - Holy Island

Rose Tremain -The Gustav Sonata & The Road Home

Louis de Bernieres - Blue Dog

David Lagercranz -The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Manda Scott - Boudica

Joanna Hickson - Red Rose White Rose

Susan Curran - The wife of Cobham

Tony Riches - The secret diary of Eleanor Cobham

Alison Weir - The Marriage Game

Christabel Kent - Loving husband

Joy Ellis - Fens series of thrillers


It looks as though we have moved away from crime & thrillers for a bit of history over the Christmas period!